TouchRetouch app gives you all the tools you need to instantly remove unwanted content from your photos.

What magic can you change with TouchRetouch?

Remove telephone lines and utility poles, power lines
Remove straight lines and curved surface cracks and scratches
Delete photo intruder
Remove acne and skin blemishes
Remove artifacts such as traffic lights, road signs, trash cans, etc.
Delete anything you think is destroying the photo

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One touch repair
Just mark unwanted objects and let them disappear from your eyes.
With the spot removal tool, you can touch the small flaws and delete them permanently.

Click to delete the line - innovative features
Simply mark a portion of the line to remove the entire line. No need to accurately mark - the application will find the lines.
If you only need to delete some lines, use the Marker section tool.
Set the line width to Auto, Fine, Medium, and Wide for better functionality.
Easy to use retouching
Use the Delete Object tool to remove the interference on the photo - select the brush or lasso tool, mark the content you want to delete, and click the Go button.
Delete defect or copy the object with the Copy Stamp tool.
Adjust the stamp radius, feathering, or opacity as required.
Use the eraser to erase the content you just copied.
Set the eraser radius, feathering, or opacity as required.

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