what's up guys it's taught me here welcome back to the channel in today I'm gonna be showing you guys the best anti revoke for your iPhone or any device you have running iOS and this anti ebook is the same one.

 I showed in my last anti revoke video however in order to get it it is a little bit different and I wanted to make this updated version because some of the things I said in that video are outdated
for example.

I mentioned that you have to be running iOS twelve to twelve point one point three in order for it to work I'm currently running iOS 13/13.3 on this device and it does work perfectly fine having said that let's alright guys well go .

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Safari Apps scroll down and clear history and website data.

Step 3: After clearing the data, come back to home page,

Step 4: put your device to Airplane mode and wife of

Step 5 :Now you can open your revoked installed application.

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