FaceApp Pro (MOD Unlocked) is a popular mobile photo-editing application. It is now a trending app on the market. If you regularly visit social networks, especially Facebook or Instagram, you will sometimes see someone sharing their photos with an older face than their actual age. It definitely makes you excited. You will surely wonder how they did it?

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Of course, there is no time traveler. They only use a unique photo editing app named FaceApp. This is not a completely new application on Play Store. It has been available on the app market since February 2017, but it takes a very long time to become popular as it is now. Without bringing in many filters to help you edit images, FaceApp even does the opposite when it makes your photos look older and older. However, this is a unique feature that everyone needs. It also provides many customizations that allow users to easily change gender, age, etc.

What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is a great mobile photo editing application developed and published by FaceApp Inc. It allows you to transform your selfie photo in a completely unique way, which is getting older. FaceApp integrates a technology developed independently from the developer, allowing the user to identify faces and analyze them. Since then, the application combined with AI to transform faces into old. Of course, facial features remain the same.

In addition, FaceApp also allows users to change the gender of the character in the image. It can easily transform a young girl into a middle-aged man with a beard. In general, this application is purely entertaining. There are not too many complex options. What you need to do is just selecting a selfie photo, putting it into the application, selecting a filter and waiting for the process to complete.
Become older or younger

With just a few simple steps, you can transform your image in a funny way when you get older or younger. In fact, the ageing feature is the most popular thing in this app. FaceApp can still transform your image into a baby’s face. But this feature is not good enough. Besides, the application also provides some other customizations. The Smile feature makes anyone happy. Just apply this filter, serious photos will quickly become funny and interesting. Some other features can be mentioned as face swap, change gender, add effects, share photos with 1 touch…

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