instagram rocket ios 13.2.2


With so many social media apps out there, Instagram is by far one of the most popular ones. If you're a user of Instagram, then at some point, you must've come across a feature that you wanted so badly in the app.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of useful features that are missing from the Instagram app. However, there is a way to get new features. This can be done via a popular app known as Instagram Rocket.
Adds new features to Instagram:

Ø Save any photo or video to Camera Roll
Ø Hold down on an image or video to view high resolution version of i
Ø Double tap or hold on a profile picture to view it in full-screen
Ø Mute and unmute users from home and activity feed
Ø Hide sponsored ads
Ø Show following status on user profile
Ø Share images with third-party apps
Ø View direct messages without notifying sender
Ø Change feed layout between grid or list view
Ø Shows confirmation message when double tapping a post to like it
Ø View exact timestamp of a post (date and time)
Ø View stories without marking them as seen
Ø Download photos and videos from stories
Ø Manually mark stories as seen
Ø Show entire gallery instead of last 24 hours in story maker

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