Facebook++ also called FB++ which is a modified version of the basic Facebook app which allows you to feel additional functions (such as, in-app Messenger & chat heads, password protection, etc.) on the iOS client. 
Facebook++ is created by third-party app developers, they create this app to bypass the restriction which is on the original Facebook app and unlock more features that are hidden on the original Facebook app. Here in this article, you will get the original link to Download Facebook iPA to get Facebook++ Install


 features and removes restrictions from Facebook app:

  • Download videos to your device
  • Improvements to Messenger:Use Messenger within Facebook app
  • View the timestamp for every message
  • Send unlimited number of photos
  • Disable VoIP
  • Copy videos to clipboard to paste or send later, or save/download to albums
  • View most recent photos instead of popular ones
  • Protect the Facebook app with Touch ID or passcode
  • Hide tabs
  • Disable video auto-play
  • Full-screen mode
  • Re-enables the old sidebar navigation

Media Settings Copy videos to Clipboard (to paste/send later) Save/Download to albums.

Moved all settings into Facebook app, not the system settings.

Privacy Settings Stealth Mode: Let’s you fly under the radar, disabling read receipts, typing indicators, online status and location sharing.

Disable Read Receipts: Does not notify the sender of a message that you’ve viewed the message.

Disable Typing Receipts: Does not notify the person you’re chatting with when/if you’re typing.

Security Settings Set Passcode: Enables a 4 digit code to access Facebook on startup. Also allows you to enable Touch ID to secure the Facebook.

In App Messenger Enhancements Use In App Messenger: Facebook no longer forces you to use/download their separate messenger app to chat. Allows you to get chat heads back.

Use Timestamp for Every Message: By default, Facebook just shows time stamp for the most recent message, this will keep timestamps visible for all messages.

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